Personal Safety Products

Personal safety products, also, known as self defense products are unfortunately becoming a daily necessity in our lives.  All you have to do is watch the nightly news or pick up a local newspaper to see the rise in crime that is taking place all over America.

The one thing I really like is that the news stations and newspapers are actually starting to cover when a person successfully defends themselves when they have been attacked.  It is also nice to see that people area starting to carry personal safety products in an effort to put a stop to this unnecessary violence.

Everyone should start by carrying a Pepper Spray or Personal Alarm at the very minimum.  To learn more about how you can take back your life visit Personal Safety Products.

Dummy Cameras

We carry high quality and affordable Dummy Cameras like the Dome Dummy Camera or the Dome Dummy Camera With Flashing LED or the Professional Dummy Camera or the Box Housing Dummy Camera.

Now you can deter robbery, theft, and vandalism with a dummy camera.  Dummy cameras are non-functioning security cameras.  However, they look just like real surveillance cameras.  Three of our dummy cameras include a blinking red LED and operate on batteries.  The dummy camera with housing and professional dummy camera have a fake power cable.  These features make the dummy cameras almost exact replicas of the real cameras.

Dummy cameras are a low cost solution if you’re not able to spend the money on a real outdoor surveillance camera.  Or a dummy camera can be a cheap way to add on to an existing surveillance system.  Although dummy cameras won’t catch a criminal, studies have shown that just the presence of a security camera has prevented crimes like robbery, theft and vandalism.

Make sure to check out our Dome Cameras.

Visit Protect Your Home and Family or Eyes Undetected to learn more about home security.

Dome Cameras

We carry high quality and affordable Dome Cameras like the Mini Dome Camera or the Auto Iris Varifocal Dome Camera or the Day/Night Infared Dome Camera or the Infared Day/Night Armor Dome Camera.

Dome cameras are simply board cameras built into a dome housing. We offer day-night domes equipped with high-power infrared LEDs for use indoors, outdoors and low-light conditions. The day/night feature makes the camera color in the day light and then automatically switch to black and white in low light conditions. The LEDs in the cameras allow the cameras to see in complete darkness. We also offer a vandal-proof dome camera also known as an armor dome. Armor dome cameras are built with protective casing that can withstand the whack of a hammer or other attempts to disable it. The armor dome camera is weatherproof.

Where are dome cameras used?

Dome cameras are used in many places including retail stores, restaurants, casinos and apartment buildings.

Dome cameras offer a few advantages when used as part of a home or business security system. Dome cameras are less vulnerable to vandalism and they can easily be hidden from sight. It’s always recommended to follow the camera manufacturer’s directions, but you can install a dome camera in a home or business security system fairly easily by following the steps below.

  • Select the location where you would like to install the dome camera.
  • Drill holes to install the mounting bracket.
  • Insert the camera into the dome and connect wiring, if necessary.
  • Adjust the camera to the correct position.
  • Test the dome camera to make sure it is working properly.

    Don’t forget to check out our Dummy Cameras.

    Visit Protect Your Home and Family to learn more about home safety.

Women’s Self Defense Products

What is a self defense product?

Self defense products are any products that you can use when defending your life.  The situations in which you may have to defend yourself can vary from a mugging to an actual violent attack by a stranger or someone you know.  These violations can occur in your home or in a public place, so you need to be prepared to ensure your safety to the highest degree.  Now you might be thinking, “Nothing like that ever happens to me, so why do I need to buy things to protect myself?”  Each person that becomes victim to a violent crime and survives to tell about it said the same exact thing at one time or another.  By the time they actually buy self defense products, some kind of crime has already been committed against them.  Now it isn’t their fault that the crime occurred, but it is the fact that awareness of such crimes is not made well-known, therefore self defense products never have a place in their home until after something happens.

A self defense product can be a stun gun, a pepper spray, a Taser® C2, lipstick pepper spray or personal alarms that can used to aid you in your defense should the need arise. Together with good common sense, a self defense product is something you use to ward off an attack, a mugging, a rape, or any other type of assault.

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