Taser Death Questions – Have I Lost My Mind?

What in the world is our society thinking?  People – WAKE UP!

I am totally in awe at the thought processes of some of you.  You are more worried about what might be happening to an assailant, who wants to assault you, rape you or even kill you, than focusing on what I believe may be the most important issue here – Self Preservation. 
Stay Safe – Your Safety Is Priority #1.  It is our right, as United States citizens, to Protect Ourselves. 

You Do Have That Right – Believe It or Not!

If an assailant were coming toward me and I felt threatened for my life – It’s simple – Better Them Than ME!!  I will, confidently, use my Taser® C2 and will do everything in my power to protect myself.  If the assailant were to be killed (and I must say – not likely to be caused by the Taser C2– these products have been proven safe by Medical Science) here would be another case where a few people would get up in arms because a Bad Guy got killed and then want to blame it on the Taser.  FOLKS – The issue to remember here is – He Shouldn’t Be Committing a Crime!  

I would venture to say that if we focused on the fact that we are still allowed to bear arms (and this should always include the non-lethal type of self defense products) instead of trying to remove the rights, we would all be better off.  It is imperative that we provide the means for and allow the civilian population to obtain and use (for self defense purposes only) any non-lethal safety defense product.  Some states permit civilians to protect themselves and some states don’t.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?  The Second Amendment says – We should ALL have that right!

Alright – I’ll get off my High Horse!  I think you get the point and you now know how I feel.  For myself, I personally prefer and highly recommend the Taser C2.  This new taser was made available to the civilian population August 2007.  It’s sleek and ergonomic design also makes this an effective and desirable self defense tool for women. 

Women are becoming informed and feeling empowered to proactively take control of their own personal protection by carrying a Taser C2.  Can you imagine a 95 pound woman being able to disable a 245 pound monster?  Well folks, this is now possible.

Let’s discuss Responsibility.  To purchase and use a Taser C2, it requires the user to get a background check performed prior to getting an activation code to enable the taser.  An AFID (Anti-Felon Identification) system was created by Taser International.  When the TASER C2 is deployed, these AFID tags are dispersed at the scene. The large number of AFIDS and their small size make it impractical to clean up. When police are called to investigate any TASER device use, they can find these tags and contact TASER International for a complete trace on the serial number.The Taser C2 should be used for self defense only.  When you deploy the Taser C2 in self defense, simply leave the taser on the ground and get to safety.  File a Police Report and Taser International will replace the Taser C2 – Free of charge.

Folks – That is responsibility!

Remember:  Stay Safe – Your Safety Is Priority #1

Visit Protect Your Home and Family to pick up your new Taser C2 in your favorite color.   

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Cell Phone Stun Guns Provide You With An Electrifying Defense

Try to think of all of the innovative ideas that you and your family encounter every day.  You have probably looked at some of them and thought, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?”  Take cell phone stun guns, for instance.  These babies are such a neat idea!  Talk about a surprised criminal when they try to mug you or attack you, and a cell phone sends 800,000 volts through them.  They will literally have no idea what hit them.  First, they see a cell phone in your hand, and the next thing they know, they are laying on the ground immobilized.  Well, maybe they won’t realize where they are at first, but they will soon get the clue.


Now close your eyes and think of the last time you were in the mall.  How many cell phones did you see hanging off the belts of the various shoppers making their way through?  Okay, that might be stretching by asking you to remember something like that, but many people do have holsters and clips that they attach their cell phones to themselves with.  Now how many of those cell phones hanging off of the hips of shoppers do you think are real?  All of them?  Maybe, but you’re never going to know just by looking at them.
Can I make phone calls?


Sure, you can put it up to your ear and have a conversation with yourself, but as far as an actual conversation with another human being goes, it isn’t going to happen.  It also isn’t going to happen for the cell phone thief who wants to steal your phone off of your hip.  Talk about a surprise.  The nice little safety pin attached to the wrist strap will sound a nice alarm that will have them dropping your cell phone stun gun and running for cover.  Just imagine the look on their face when they think they are going to either sell or make tons of calls with your phone, but instead they are met with a phone that has its own car alarm. It is amazing how many thieves try to steal cell phones off the hips of the unsuspecting.  Some are so good at stealing cell phones that most victims don’t know it’s gone, until they realize they haven’t heard it ring or reach for it to make a call.
But you can take comfort in the fact that the tactical design makes the fact it is a cell phone stun gun completely unknown.  It is your safety that is important.  Too many people make the assumption that some sort of safety device is not needed, but that is entirely untrue.  You only have one life, so the necessary means to protect it should be put in place.  Don’t have the “these things only happen to other people” attitude, because that is how those other people get hurt.


So who should carry cell phone stun guns?
First off, certain self defense items, such as cell phone stun guns, should be kept away from children.  They could hurt themselves or someone else, but as far as everyone else goes, it’s a good idea.  Don’t be the unsuspecting person walking to a car at night after work who gets approached by a dangerous psychotic.  Have some sort of self defense item with you whenever you are out alone.

So don’t view this as a preaching, but view it as a human being who is concerned with another human being.  It is through looking out for each other, by making each other aware, and making products such as cell phone stun guns that’s going to increase the safety of the human race.  Just please don’t be the one caught without some kind of protection.

Protect Your Home and Family



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